Quality counseling at an
affordable price
Better Living is dedicated to helping pople live better
lives through affordable counseling and educational
seminars and products. Our goal is to help people
reach their full potential and create the better life they
deserve. I have been doing counseling and life
coaching for fifteen years and have a learned a great
deal about others, myself, life, and the journey.

In addition to counseling, I also help people set doable
goals they can achieve to help them improve
themselves in their career or personal life in a short
period of time. I promote self-improvement in my clients
to help them achieve their goals and help them achieve
greater success in their jobs, personal life, and life
overall. In addition to doing life coaching, I write
professional self-improvement seminars in the areas of
self-development, inspiration, relationships, healing,
and business.

I created Better Living in line with my love of helping
people and my counseling background, I found that
there was a real need for counseling that was
affordable given that counseling is often expensive and
beyond the reach of many people to afford. My goal in
counseling is for it to be brief and get results quickly so  
that people can improve their life right away. I empower
people to help them solve their problems and help them
create the better life they deserve.

I nurture personal growth in my clients which helps them
to make better decisions, improves their understanding
of others and themselves, and helps them to achieve
great success in their career, personal life, and life
overall.  I also promote promote"The Prosperity Within"
which I discovered over many years of helping people. It
is an array of talents and passions that all people have
that help people find their gift and career path, provide
many avenues for creativity, and lead to prosperity and
fulfillment in their career.
About Better Living